WE LOVE CHOCOLATE!  Most of you do too. That is why we decided to put a Goodphoria spin on chocolate bars. These low sugar chocolate bars are delicious and very unique. Here’s a description of all of our offerings:

Dark Chocolate

This is a dark, decadent, full-bodied chocolate with a lob carb chassis, taking your taste buds where they want to go. We use only the finest ingredients, sumptuous Ecuadorian cocoa butter and clean, perfectly balance cocoa. Our chocolates trim the sugar but still have all the sweetness a dark chocolate lover needs. Enjoy.

White Goat Milk


This is a milky, sweet and smooth chocolate. It has butterscotch notes that please even those that don’t typically care for white chocolate. Real goat milk is blended with sumptuous organic Ecuadorian cocoa butter, a protein boost of organic gelatin and organic inulin derived from Jerusalem Artichokes. The inulin adds a light flavor of cotton candy while acting as a zero calorie prebiotic. This white chocolate is completely unique and utterly delicious. It has less sugar than typical chocolate but has all the sweetest you’re craving. Try it out. You’ll like it!

Goat Milk Chocolate

Let’s face it. Some people just don’t like dark chocolate all that much. Milk chocolate is the song to that sings to their heart. However, many people don’t do all that well with cow’s milk even in chocolate. That’s why Goodphoria has made this “non-goaty,” Goat Milk chocolate. This is a milky, sweet, lite-bodied chocolate that you’re sure to enjoy. It blends real goat milk with perfectly balanced cocoa and delicious Ecuadorian cocoa butter. It’s blend of organic inulin, erythritol and organic cane sugar produce delicious sweetness with far less sugar than typical chocolate. When chocolate’s better for you and taste’s great, that’s a win-win scenario – that’s Goodphoria.

Dirt Bar -Probiotic


The Dirt Bar is a Soil Based Probiotic chocolate. We use the same fine ingredients as our other chocolates in crafting these bars. The hardy, earth based probiotic strains comprising this chocolate are designed to help cushion the blow of oral antibiotics or other substances know to harm gut flora. The chocolate is tasty with a somewhat earthy tone similar to many fine varieties of chocolate. Since there is a effective dose of probiotics per serving, it is recommended to only eat 1 to 2 servings a day to begin with. The dark rich taste is something you and your stomach will enjoy.


Green Goat Milk Chocolate

This is a milky, sweet, lite-bodied chocolate that’s truly unique. The buttery, white chocolate flavor blends smoothly with hemp protein’s delicate green tea notes. Our bars are designed to deliver 100mg of high quality CBDs. This bar contains no THC. No worries. This is truly a delicious and interesting chocolate bar.


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