We are excited to announce that our new sugar free formula of Goodphoria is now available.  It is called Goodphoria X.  Why X?  X stands for Xylitol or birch tree sugar.  It also stands for Syndrome X — basically a fancy word for the pre-diabetic condition many find themselves in.  We at Goodphoria are concerned about the health of our neighbors.  Over 10% of the US population now has diabetes.  So we made a treat that treats these people well.  Goodphoria X is officially “diabetic friendly.”  Xylitol has been proven to be safe for diabetics.  We use only natural sweeteners, never any artificial ones.  These products taste absolutely amazing!  Also, if you are worried about candida or your oral health, this is the product for you.  Additionally, Goodphoria X is dairy safe, meaning it’s 99.9% casein and whey free.  It is also lactose free.  Yet it tastes exactly like ice cream.  We have chocolate, vanilla and strawberry available for sale now.  We hope to have Maple Butter Pecan available in the first part of Febuary.  Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Black Cherry should be available by spring.  These are all very tasty options for a diabetic or anyone else concerned about their sugar intake.

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