As You Wish!

Upon popular request, we are happy to announce that Mint Chocolate Chip has been released!  So far, this flavor has garnered quite a bit of excitement.  Many people are saying that this is the best Mint Chocolate Chip they have ever had!  Considering our premium peppermint extract, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and hand-crafted, Dutch Chocolate Chips such statements are completely reliable.  A veteran ice cream maker said:  “You can’t tell that this isn’t ice cream!”  However, some people say they can tell it’s not ice cream because it tastes too good to be ice cream.  We encourage you to try a quart or pint to make up your mind for yourself.

Oh, Ship!

We’re shipping now! Order your Goodphoria  treats today! Phone orders only (517)783-5100 (minimum purchase of 4-quarts). *Orders via website coming soon!

Goodphoria ships to you coming soon!

Loyal Goodphoria lovers,

We are pleased to announce that we will soon have Goodphoria ready to ship to your home! You will be able to enjoy your favorite low-carb dessert no matter where you are in the country! Thank you to all of you who have purchased our frozen dessert so far, your feedback has been invaluable. We are doing all we can to refine shipping and packing costs and we are passing the savings off to you! We hope to have a monthly subscription for Goodphoria as well we hope for it to look like four quarts shipped to your door every month for under 50 dollars!

Shhh. It’s a Secret.

We recently made an adjustment to our vanilla flavored products.  Instead of using a standard vanilla extract, we have chosen a pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.  This extract has a much deeper vanilla flavor with notes of caramel and molasses on the edges.  It almost tastes bourbon aged, although its name really has nothing to do with whiskey.  We are sure that you find it to your liking. Try our new Vanilla X or Butter Pecan X the next time you stop by.  Both of these delicious flavors feature this premium extract.  Salud!  – Goodphoria

Goodphoria X

We are excited to announce that our new sugar free formula of Goodphoria is now available.  It is called Goodphoria X.  Why X?  X stands for Xylitol or birch tree sugar.  It also stands for Syndrome X — basically a fancy word for the pre-diabetic condition many find themselves in.  We at Goodphoria are concerned about the health of our neighbors.  Over 10% of the US population now has diabetes.  So we made a treat that treats these people well.  Goodphoria X is officially “diabetic friendly.”  Xylitol has been proven to be safe for diabetics.  We use only natural sweeteners, never any artificial ones.  These products taste absolutely amazing!  Also, if you are worried about candida or your oral health, this is the product for you.  Additionally, Goodphoria X is dairy safe, meaning it’s 99.9% casein and whey free.  It is also lactose free.  Yet it tastes exactly like ice cream.  We have chocolate, vanilla and strawberry available for sale now.  We hope to have Maple Butter Pecan available in the first part of Febuary.  Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Black Cherry should be available by spring.  These are all very tasty options for a diabetic or anyone else concerned about their sugar intake.

Our ice cream maker is installed!

We have more progress to show you guys! Our batch freezer is installed along with our commercial sink, hand washing station and mop sink! The construction company says it should be ready really soon. We are so excited!

We have something HUGE happening! Demo has started!

Sharp construction has started work on what will be our home for making Goodphoria for the masses! We are so excited! We can’t wait until we can bring Goodphoria to the next level! It does not look like much now but soon it will be a masterpiece of kitchen engineering (in our eyes)!

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