Co-Inventor, Formulator

Gentleman & Scholar

The development of Goodphoria was truly a team effort.  The dessert arose from the concerted effort of Energetic Wellness Center to develop a fun and easy diet plan for people wanting to cut carbs.  It was recognized that many of these people have food-sensitivities to things like soy, gluten, whey, casein and lactose.  Our first efforts were to create a clean, high-protein shake that tasted delicious.

One day while Matt and Jeff were developing these delicious shakes, an epiphany occurred to them: What if we could make ice cream that tasted great and was good for you too?  Our small staff immediately got together to discuss this exciting prospect.  Realizing the possibility, Jenny Rymer, the founder and operator of the wellness center, put her full backing behind the project, supporting the development of Goodphoria in anyway needed.  Matt and Jeff got back to work.

After purchasing a simple ice cream maker, we made our first batch. It turned out perfectly and everything was wonderful from then on! No just kidding- it needed work, but there was potential. Months later and many formulations later, Voila! A delicious dairy safe treat that was full of protein, healthy fats and was low in sugar. Everybody loved it!  We knew they would!

New recipes were added.  They just got better and better.  Hundreds of people sampled these and their reaction was the same: Scrumptious!  We had a dessert just like ice cream that all our loved ones could eat – even those with dairy sensitivities or diabetes.  After much consideration, our staff decided to take the plunge and start manufacturing a product that people everywhere would want to buy.

A close friend of ours had a traditional ice cream shop. He graciously let us use his facilities while we got up and running. He was truly our ice cream consistency mentor.  After a lot of frustration, planning, work and money, Goodphoria finally had a facility of its own.

We are very excited about the future of Goodphoria.  Check out our product for yourself!  You will not be disappointed!  Desserts that make you feel good?  Better ingredients, better flavor, better for you?  Just better.  How can you beat that?