It's a brand of frozen dessert, like ice cream that is only made of wholesome ingredients. It's gluten free, dairy safe, diabetic friendly and completely free of anything lame, like preservatives or artificial ingredients. It's delicious and it makes you feel good!


What’s Dairy Safe?
Dairy safe means that you get the delicious flavor of butter without large doses of lactose, casein and whey protein. This is important to those who have reactions or sensitivities to milk. Goodphoria is 99.95% casein, whey and lactose free.


Is It Ice Cream?
Well. . . Kinda. Since casein, whey and lactose are virtually non-existent in our dessert, it can’t really be called ice cream. But it looks, takes and feels like ice cream. After all “what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Or taste as yummy. – The Bard


Diabetics Unite!
Goodphoria is completely diabetic friendly. Our desserts are ultra low-carb. They contain little to no sugar. The only sugar in our products comes from fruit, like strawberries. Our goal is to be 0-1 gram of sugar per serving. Eat Goodphoria. Your blood sugar will love you for it.


The flavors and creaminess is wonderful!
Sheila K.
I love Goodphoria!
Jack Ice cream
Jackson W. – Age 10
Thanks for making ice cream I can eat!
Out of the Mouth of Babes...And Others
Ruby W. – Age 7